Sofas can last for many years and are often one the most expensive bits of furniture you will invest in. If it’s looking tired and grubby you can prolong its life and restore it once bright, clean appearance. Kids, pets and the natural oils your body produces all add up to contribute to a dull, dirty sofa. We use specific solutions dependant on the material of your upholstery and they are designed to be very effective but also not to adversely affect the delicate material its self. There’s no need to remove any covers which helps keeps it safe from shrinkage.


Leather sofas are easier to maintain yourself but periodically require a deep clean. We clean and condition every part of it by hand which not only leaves it clean but also replaces nutrients to help prevent drying and cracking.


We are based in Twickenham and cover all local areas, including Kingston, Hammersmith, Staines, Harrow and Putney.